Need Cash Fast? Sell that Old Junker!


Do you have an old car sitting in your yard taking up space? If you want to clean up your property and make some cool cash at the same time, consider selling it! Cash for scrap cars in Pickering is an easy way to put money in your pocket. The process is simple and convenient!

  • Call or visit the website to give a description of your vehicle – you’ll instantly get a quote for the cash value
  • If you accept the quote, a date and time are arranged for pick up. Make sure the area surrounding the car is clear so that the car can be hooked up and towed away.
  • On the assigned day, a tow truck will arrive to tow the car away. If there are plates on the vehicle, they will be taken off and given back to you. You’ll also have to sign the ownership over to the company.
  • Once the car is taken away you will receive your money.

Advantages of cash for scrap cars in Pickering

There are many advantages for selling your car, in Pickering as well as cash for scrap cars in Vaughan.

  • The company you sell to will take care of all of the paperwork and fine details
  • The vehicle is towed for free (within a specified towing zone; make sure you know what the zone includes before you make a deal)
  • Your property will be junk-free!
  • The company takes care of removing hazardous materials and fluids
  • By recycling parts, you are being environmentally responsible and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Without the need for as many brand new parts, the environment is helped by not having to use virgin materials. This saves water, land and energy.
  • You get cash in your pocket!

Cash for scrap cars in Vaughan works in a similar fashion; in fact, there are dozens of companies across Ontario that will get rid of your wanted vehicle for you.

Most companies accept all makes and models, domestics as well as imports. They are not concerned with the age of the car, whether it actually runs or not, or how much rust is on it.

If you were to hold out and sell your car privately, you may have to wait months for the right buyer. And there is no guarantee that it will be sold. With a cash offer, your car is sold and removed quickly and easily.

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